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Beachy Head Radio - Programmes

Listen live: see our schedule to catch new shows on first broadcast, and listen out for occasional one-off shows which are not listed here.

Shows Currently Being Aired by BHR

Musicians or labels that wish to submit releases should please contact suitable shows directly, not BHR.

Cliff Notes

Concise features about Beachy Head and related areas.

Listen to selected past editions on the Cliff Notes page in BHR's section of HearThis.

Phantom Circuit

The radiophonic programme of strange and wonderful sound waves.

On various platforms since 2008, Phantom Circuit features music that is alien, electronic, exotic, essential. It is now heard first here on BHR. Find out more at Music submissions are welcome but please read the submissions page first.

Listen to past editions on Phantom Circuit's page on Mixcloud.

Science and the Sea

Marine science topics.

Listen to past editions on the show's Web site.

Tiny Red Dragons Radio

Adventures in the musical wilderness.

You can contact the show on many social media platforms, including Twitter.

Listen to past editions on the show's page on Mixcloud.

Book Drop

Readings from literature.

You can listen to some past editions on the Book Drop page in BHR's section of HearThis but this is not currently being updated with new editions, so be sure to listen to our broadcasts for new editions and occasional repeats.


Discover the natural wonders of Earth.

Listen to past editions on the show's Web site.


Eclectic adventures in music.

Kai Nobuko of the absurdist reviews site Yeah I Know It Sucks leads you on an exciting journey through the underground of new music. You can contact the show via the Twitter account for Yeah I Know It Sucks.

Listen to past editions on BHR's page on Mixcloud.

The Les Paul Show

Guitar and sound recording innovator Les Paul and vocalist Mary Ford in a show from 1950.


Downtime appears in the space between our shows and silence, featuring sounds from Beachy Head and surrounding areas.

Other Shows You May Have Heard on BHR

Long-Form Foghorn

Sounds linger longer in the fog.

Just one piece of vintage music, presented in its original form and then through the fog. The show is taking a break after 30 experimental and evocative editions.

Listen to past editions on BHR's page on Mixcloud.

Robot Shepherd

The Robot Shepherd sometimes likes to stop by when things are quiet and play music to recharge to. So maybe he'll be back one day.

Listen to past editions on BHR's page on Mixcloud.

Sieben's Magic Violin

Matt Howden (aka Sieben) and Kev, his kevlar electric violin, share their favourite records - from prehistoric to popular, via post-punk.

Due to Matt's commitments as a busy musician, the first show turned out to be the last for the forseeable future. You can still hear it, in Matt's section of Mixcloud.

... And Others

BHR has also brought to a new audience vintage music shows, drama, comedy and curiosities.