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About Beachy Head Radio

About Beachy Head Radio

Edgy radio for edgy times. We aim to provide unusual, entertaining and informative music and speech programming whilst promoting the positive aspects of Beachy Head and surrounding areas of East Sussex, UK.

Beachy Head Radio first aired on Wednesday 21 October 2020. We have carried programmes every week since.

What You Can Hear

The content of our music shows is chosen independently by the presenters. We trust them to provide us all with plenty of surprises. You might hear jazz, experimental electronics, ambient, swing, show tunes, soundtracks, noise or pop – maybe even within the same show, but always with a plan in mind.

We also offer speech-based programmes, including documentaries, local features and readings from literature.

Take a look at our schedule to find out what we are offering your ears this week, and found out how to listen – live or on demand.