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Catch up with recent shows

Friday, May 28, 2021

BHR continues to offer new shows via its Mixcloud stream every Wednesday, from 3 pm in the UK. Our schedule is still a little fluid but here’s what we have planned for the next couple of weeks.

The following recent shows are now available for on-demand listening. Try something new!

Tiny Red Dragons Radio - Adventures in the musical wilderness.

#23 - The Two Thing / #24 - Piano Scrubs

Hear these on the show's own page on Mixcloud.

Phantom Circuit - Strange and wonderful sound waves.

#325 - Unknown / #326 - Mais Oui / #327 - Polterabend / #328 - Running Out of Time

Hear all these on the show's own page on Mixcloud.

Long-Form Foghorn - Sounds linger longer in the fog.

#5 - No! No! No!

Hear it on our Mixcloud page.

Book Drop - Readings from literature.

#3 - The Breeze on Beachy Head / #4 - A Piece of Chalk / #5 - Memory

Hear these on... HearThis!

Science and the Sea - Marine science topics.

Glacial Tsunami / Keeping Tabs / Deep Threat / Icefish / Making Connections

Catch up on the Science and the Sea Web site.

We also continue to broadcast local news updates in Cliff Notes and more music in our repeats of Funderground, so for that full BHR experience, stop by on Wednesday.

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